Debt Protection Products 

A Practical Guide for Lenders

Debt Protection Products explains the origin and evolution of these lending products and serves as a practical guide to aid lenders in the design, construction, and on-going management of debt protection product programs. This book is written with the lender in mind, but administrators, regulators, insurers, and others who are interested in these lending products will benefit from studying this book.



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Money on the Table 

Auto Dealer Aftermarket Compensation

Leading experts in their specialties join to give auto dealers an objective comparison of various compensation methods for credit insurance and vehicle service contracts. This book provides the knowledge for dealers to make decisions on this critical component of dealership profitability.





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Study Guide for Credit Life and Disability Insurance 

This study guide was written to accompany the textbook, Credit Life and Disability Insurance. The intent of this guide is to reinforce and simplify the concepts presented in the textbook. All page number references apply to the textbook.

The order of the subject matter in this study guide differs from that of the textbook. This ordering is designed to introduce and lead the reader through the many facets of the credit insurance industry. Familiarity with the terms and formulas explained in earlier lessons is a prerequisite for understanding subsequent lessons. A reader who is new to the subject matter of credit insurance should follow the order of this study guide.

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