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Download  1 Debt Protection Products.pdf

Debt Protection Products - A Practical Guide for Lenders
(2008, softcover and hardcover, 287 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0-9798903-1-4; ISBN-10: 0-9798903-1-4)

This long-awaited new book explains the origin and evolution of these lending products and serves as a practical guide to aid lenders in the design, construction, and on-going management of debt protection product programs. This book is written with the lender in mind, but administrators, regulators, insurers, and others who are interested in these lending products will benefit from studying this book.

Download  2 Money on the Table.pdf

Money on the Table
(1992,Hardcover, 6" x 9", 260 pages, ISBN 0-9627820-2-9)

This book provides an objective description and evaluation of the compensation methods in the automobile dealer market segment. It is an excellent source of information about retroactive compensation and producer-owned reinsurance programs for all market segments.

Download  3 An Introduction to Credit Related Insurance.pdf

An Introduction to Credit-Related Insurance
(1997, softcover, 6" x 9", 150 pages, ISBN 0-9627820-4-1)

This book provides a basic understanding of the core products and an overview of the industry and its operations. It is designed for industry personnel at all levels of expertise and those needing a basic introduction to the industry.

Download  4 Credit Related Property and Casualty Insurance.pdf

Credit-Related Property and Casualty Insurance
(1998, hardcover, 6" x 9", 300 pages, ISBN 0-9627820-3-3)

This book, co-authored by Joseph Fairchild and Gary Fagg, is a definitive textbook for the property and casualty products marketed in conjunction with credit transactions. This text covers all aspects of the various products sold. Products covered include involuntary unemployment insurance, credit property insurance, creditor-placed insurance, non-file insurance, and other coverages.

Download  5 Credit Life and Disability Insurance.pdf

Credit Life and Disability Insurance
(1986,Hardcover, 6" x 9", 563 pages, ISBN 0-9617162-0-7)

This 1986 book is no longer in print. We have provided a copy of this book in PDF format for you. The study guide that accompanies this book is also available.

Download  6 Study Guide for Credit Life & Disability Insurance.pdf

A Study Guide for Credit Life and Disability Insurance

This study guide was written to accompany the textbook, Credit Life and Disability Insurance. The intent of this guide is to reinforce and simplify the concepts presented in the textbook.